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The best selection of wheels and tires in San Diego at the cheapest prices guaranteed.

Choose from our huge selection of Wheels and rims from sizes 15 inch to 32 Inch; Custom Wheels, Forged Wheels, Tuner / Racing Wheels and Off Road Wheels. Get the best prices on wheel and tire packages mix and match with your favorite tire type; all season tires, all terrain tires, off road tires, mud tires, passenger tires, high performance tires, light truck and SUV tires. 

Our  plethora of finishes: Chrome, Matte Black, White, Gold, Silver, Machined, many more...2 tone finish, 3 tone finish, multi color finish.

Our plethora of styles: Mesh, concave, 5 spoke, multi-spoke, Big Lip, no-lip, Dip dish, step lip, many more...

Whatever your style is we have it!

SEARCH, BUY, and INSTALL at our location. Discounts always available ask us for our Military 10% OFF! For quotes call (619) 477-8473

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